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Few weeks earlier, I was tasked with building an application that had to be hosted as a python package. After numerous iterations of code reviews and pull requests, we deployed the final version and it was much different than the initial version.

So, what changed? The answer lies in my favorite quote from Martin Fowler:

Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.

In this blog, I am going to the share the recipe for creating a python package the right way. So, let’s get started…

A Python package is…

The transformation of technology over the last decade…

The last time I had built and used a personal desktop computer was at least a decade before (somewhere between 2008–2010). Since then, life has been pacing fast enough, fueled by portable devices like laptops, tablets and smart phones. Few weeks earlier, I decided to setup a flight simulator at my home to aid my ongoing private pilot training. I planned on using the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and clearly my personal laptop wasn’t capable to perform as per the recommended configuration specs even per the minimum specs. …

(Things you should know before applying!)

Airplanes & Motorcycles, the 2 things that drive me crazier. Flying an aircraft has been my dream since I was 8. I have been chasing my pilot dreams for the past 22 years. I still remember the days where I used to fill my diary with the cut outs of the airplane pictures from the daily newspapers. Financial limitations, lack of opportunities and career options were a few key reasons leading to the pushback of my dreams, but my passion for flying had kept the dream alive.

Good things take time. So true! After…

A Code linter, is a static code analysis tool used to flag programming errors, bugs, stylistic errors, and suspicious constructs. The term originates from a Unix utility that examined C language source code. Like Google, “lint” became a verb that meant static checking your source code.

Everyone knows that programming errors are bad. Some errors cause glitches that frustrate users. Others compromise the safety and security of a critical system.

Linting is an essential process and code linters are available across programming languages. In this blog, we will talk specifically about the Python Linter aka Pylint. …

Databricks does an amazing job of orchestrating Apache Spark. The Databricks Delta Table is a revolutionary invention and brings a set of new possibilities to the Big Data Ecosystem.

While companies are shifting to Databricks as their new Data Warehouse, there’s one feature of the conventional Database systems that I wished Databricks had. It’s the availability of a dynamic system database (sys db) which stores the metadata about the larger set of spark tables holistically.

The sys tables (sys.tables, sys.columns, etc.) comes in handy when you want to scan and search your database based on the metadata. One such use…

COVID-19 has hit us really bad. As of writing this piece, its been close to 5 months where the daily life has come to a pause. Offices have shifted to the Work From Home Culture and people have been adapting themselves to the new norms of the lifestyle during the pandemic. On the contrary, certain industries still need to operate in person and certain things cannot be virtual at all. …

I moved to Dallas, Texas in the month of June 2018 (from India). And the first thing, that I needed for anything and everything was a photo ID document. Without any form of Photo ID, life comes to a pause. I also needed a Driver’s License for mobility as the public transport in Dallas and especially Irving isn’t broad as other cities. I remember using DART to commute to my office once and it took 55 minutes as DART has it’s own route, whereas my office is just 6 mins drive from my apartment. When I started researching about the…

Snapshot of the Reporting Dashboard
Snapshot of the Reporting Dashboard
Snapshot of the Reporting Dashboard

Project: A utility to continuously monitor the electricity usage of a consumer and plot the various usage patterns on a Dashboard. The entire application has been built on Python and is hosted on a Raspberry Pi. I have made the code base available on Github and the builds can be found on Docker-hub.

The below information is currently displayed on the Dashboard:
→Meter Info (Address of Property, ID, etc)
→Usage in the Current Cycle.
→Time Series for the Usage across the past 24 Hours.
→Last Billed Reading.
→Time Series for the Usage across the past 45 Days.
→Billing Patterns for the past 12 months.
→Time Series (with…

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Programmer & Architect @ Deloitte in Python, Big Data, Azure/AWS by Profession. Biker, Chef & Philanthrope by Passion. Student Pilot.

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