Tips on Flying Safe during COVID-19

COVID-19 has hit us really bad. As of writing this piece, its been close to 5 months where the daily life has come to a pause. Offices have shifted to the Work From Home Culture and people have been adapting themselves to the new norms of the lifestyle during the pandemic. On the contrary, certain industries still need to operate in person and certain things cannot be virtual at all. I had to fly from Dallas, TX (DFW) to New York City(LGA) for unavoidable reasons and this blog shares a few tips, tricks and experiences that I learned and discovered which might help you to make your travel safe.

Buckle Up!

A complete row to myself. Only possible in Economy Class.

What to Wear?

I would sometimes get paranoid and wear the Surgical one on top of KN95

Why the double mask? Well, here’s the plan. KN95s are very strong masks and it’s cumbersome to wear them all the time (Hats off to the Healthcare workers who stay suited up all the time, top to bottom). I had the KN95 at all the crowded places and would switch to the surgical ones as soon as I get a socially distant feeling.

And on being paranoid, I would wear the Surgical one on top of the KN95 :)

Also, I chose to discard all that I will be wearing during my travel. So, I chose a pair of clothes that I had planned to get rid of from a long time. As soon as I reached my destination, all the clothes went into a trash bag and I went straight for the warm shower.

Gloves: Stock up on these precious and noble inventions made by mankind. I had dual layer of gloves on me. I knew I would come in contact with a lot of things. And the plan was to discard the top layer before drinking water or taking a bite of snack. Safety first! Once done refueling, I would put on a fresh pair of gloves as the 2nd layer again. A few of you might be thinking that it’s overdoing, but the very fact that we are on this blog says that we all are concerned about the safety and it’s better safe than to be sorry. So, read on!

Dual Gloves for Easy Travel
Dual Gloves for Easy Travel

Checked In Bags

I had to check in my bags and thus I decided to have my bags wrapped in the plastic. I got the roll of plastic wrap from Home Depot for $12. I did this so that, I can get keep my stuff safe from any slightest chances of contamination. As soon as I collected my bags from the baggage claim carousel, I took off the wrap and trashed it away.

Luckily it also helped me keep my things safe and dry as it was raining heavily while we landed. And I could see that most of the bags had got slightly drenched (may be while transporting the bags from the aircraft to the baggage loading section).

Get a Water Bottle

In-Flight Services

American Airlines have also stopped their Onboard catering and have instead started handing over a basic kit to the passengers while on-boarding the aircraft. The kit usually contains a Bottle of Water, a snack and a Hand Sanitizer Sachet.

American Airlines — Kit

Hitting the Loo?

Do I need a PPE Gown?

I was thinking of doing the same
I was thinking of doing the same

No, you don’t! I have been asking this question to myself until I began my journey. I had also planned on buying one from Amazon for my travel. But, the fact is that you don’t really need one. Airports are scarcely populated these days and I felt very comfortable as soon as I stepped inside. The Security Check Queues were literally empty and so were the Baggage Drop Counters.

However, please ensure that you are having the basic safety measures like a face shield/mask and hand gloves. DO NOT compromise on these as they are the most important ones that would keep you shielded.

All that I mentioned above are simple things that everyone knows about. Sometimes, stating the obvious becomes necessary. Be safe, be healthy!

Let’s do our best in the battle against COVID-19. Travel only if necessary, stay indoors and have patience.

I hope that the Virus goes away very soon and life gets back to normal. This reminds me of my cute little niece Ishi. She says that the virus will be gone by the time her birthday arrives and she will have a blast! I hope her dream comes true. She’s turning 5 this October…

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